12. The Hepburns of Bothwell

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Hepburns of Bothwell - Family Tree

Note – the square brackets underneath certain names contain the reference number(s) of the other family trees that the person appears in.

The table below lists every individual that appears in the above tree – use the search field to find someone specific. The reference numbers in the right hand column identify the other Family Trees that an individual appears in.

NameTitle or Spouse, AncestryDatesFam. Sch(s)
Bothwell, Earls ofSee Hepburn12
Cunningham, Alexander1st Earl of Glencairn12
Douglas, ArchibaldBro. of William Douglas of Whittinghame1540-160212
Douglas, Janetw. of Patrick Hepburn, Cr. Earl of Bothwell 1488, d. of 1st earl of Morton12
Douglas, Margaretw. of William Kerr of Ancram and Woodheid (s. of Robert Kerr of Ancram and Woodheid), d. of Archibald Douglas of Fingask12, 29
Douglas, Margaretw. of Sir Walter Scott(s. of Sir William Scott of Branxholm), of Francis Stewart Hepburn, 5th Earl of Bothwell, and d. of David, 7th Earl of Angus-16406, 12, 28
Gordon, Jeanw. of James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell, of Alexander Gordon, 12th Earl of Sutherland, and of Alexander Ogilvy of Boyne, d. of George Gordon, 4th Earl of HuntlyAbt1546-16297 (x2), 12, 16
Gordon, Margaretw. of Patrick Hepburn, Cr. Earl of Bothwell 1488, d. of George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly7, 12
Hamilton, James2nd Earl of Arran, Cr. Duke of Chatelherault 15491517-15753, 5, 12
Hepburn, Adam2nd Earl of BothwellAbt1492-151312
Hepburn, Elizabethw. of Alexander, Master of Home (s. of Sir Alexander, Cr. Lord Home 1473), d. of Sir Adam Hepburn of Hailes12, 26
Hepburn, Francis Stewart5th Earl of Bothwell, s. of John Stewart, Lord Darnley1563-16242, 6, 12
Hepburn, James4th Earl of Bothwell, Cr. Duke of Orkney 15671535-15787, 12
Hepburn, Janetw. of George 3rd Lord Seton, d. of Patrick Hepburn, Cr,. Earl of Bothwell 14881485-155812, 22
Hepburn, Jeanw. of John Stewart, Lord Darnley, of John Sinclair, Master of Caithness (s. of George Sinclair, 4th Earl of Caithness), and d. of Patrick, 3rd Earl of Bothwell1540-Bef15992, 12, 20
Hepburn, Margaretw. of Henry, 3rd Lord Sinclair, d. of Adam Hepburn, Master of Hailes (s. of Sir Patrick Hepburn, 1st Lord Hepburn of Hailes)-154212, 20
Hepburn, Margaretw. of Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus, d. of Patrick Hepburn, Cr. Earl of Bothwell 1488-15136, 12
Hepburn, PatrickCr. Earl of Bothwell 1488-15087, 12
Hepburn, Patrick3rd Earl of Bothwell1512-155612, 20
Home, AlexanderMaster of Home, s. of Alexander, Cr. Lord Home 1473012, 26
Home, Helenw. of Adam, 1st Lord Hepburn of Hailes, d. of 1st Lord Home12
Keith, George5th Earl Marischal1553-162312, 16, 26
Seton, George3rd Lord Seton-151312, 22
Sinclair, Agnesw. of Patrick Hepburn, 3rd Earl of Bothwell, d. of Henry, 3rd Lord Sinclair-157212, 20
Sinclair, Henry3rd Lord Sinclair1470-151312, 20
Sinclair, JohnMaster of Caithness (s. of George Sinclair, 4th Earl of Caithness)-157812, 20
Stewart, Agnesp. of James IV, w. of Adam Hepburn, 2nd Earl of Bothwell, of Alexander, 3rd Lord Home, and of Robert 5th Lord Maxwell, d. of James Stewart, 1st Earl of Buchan1480-15572, 12
Stewart, JohnCr. Lord Darnley 1563, illeg. s. of James V1531-15632, 12