A list of other websites, videos, TV Series and Movies about Mary Queen of Scots.

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Other Websites on Mary Queen of Scots

The Marie Stuart Society – Formed in 1992 to mark the 450th anniversary of the birth of Mary, Queen of Scots at Linlithgow, the Marie Stuart Society promotes further study of her life and times through research, lectures, activities and publications.

Mary Queen of Scots’ Featured Objects & Virtual Tour – The Royal Collection’s microsite featuring a virtual tour of rooms on the second floor of James V’s Tower in the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh where Mary, Queen of Scots lived from 1561 until 1567. It was here, in the Queen’s private apartments, that the brutal murder of Mary’s secretary, the Italian David Rizzio, took place on 9 March 1566. Also included are several featured objects including the Lennox Jewel and several paintings.

The World of Mary, Queen of Scots – Slightly dated website but the content is still relevant.

Scotland’s Mary – A short biography of Mary Queen of Scots – Eyewitness accounts of execution – Royal genealogies – Essays on marriages – portraits of Marie Stuart’s husbands – important dates – odd facts and bibliography

The Mary, Queen of Scots Gallery – Portraits of Mary, Queen of Scots from The National Portrait Gallery

Mary, Queen of Scots – BBC Education Scotland

Westminster Abbey – Location of Mary’s Tomb

Tudor England – Mary, Queen of Scots – In-depth biography, a timeline of key events, portraits, and an eyewitness account of Mary’s execution.

BBC History: Mary, Queen of Scots – Complete biography.

Last Letter of Mary, Queen of Scots – Mary Queen of Scots’ last letter, written six hours before her execution on 8 February 1587. A digital facsimile, transcription and translation from the National Library of Scotland’s collections.

History of the Monarchy: Mary, Queen of Scots – Profile of the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-67) from the official site of the British monarch.

Mary, Queen of Scots: Follow in her Footsteps – Historic Scotland tourism site. Visit the sites from  Mary’s life.

Other Websites on Tudor History – This site contains biographical information on people during the Tudor period (1485-1603) of English history, as well as images, calendars, glossaries, maps, genealogical trees, information on life during the period, Tudor architecture and more. Also see the blog for news, events, books, movies, etc. and the Question and Answer blog for lively discussion of questions of Tudor history. – Information on the Tudors and Tudor History – Website dedicated to Queen Elizabeth I’s remarkable life, her struggles and triumphs, and the people and events that make this one of the most fascinating and important eras of history.

Tudors & Stuarts – A website dedicated to Stuart and Tudor history. – Website about James Hepburn, Fourth Earl of Bothwell

Video Clips

Horrible Histories Mary Queen of Scots Report – The wonderful Horrible Histories team give us the life of Mary Queen of Scots in their inimitable style.

Elizabeth I & Mary Stuart: The Meeting that Never Was – In reality, we know of no meeting between Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots, however it has often been depicted on film for dramatic effect – it certainly makes for a compelling scene. This clip combines scenes from ‘Mary of Scotland’ (1936 — Katherine Hepburn as Mary, & Florence Eldridge as Elizabeth), ‘Mary Queen of Scots (1971 — Vanessa Redgrave as Mary & Glenda Jackson as Elizabeth), and also scenes from ‘Elizabeth I’ (2005 – Barbara Flynn as Mary & Helen Mirren as Elizabeth).

Mary of Scotland (1936)

Director: John Ford
Starring: Katharine Hepburn, Fredric March, Florence Eldridge, Douglas Walton
Writer: Dudley Nichols
Links: Buy DVD (

Classic drama starring Katharine Hepburn as the tragic Queen Mary of Scotland. Mary rules Scotland until she is disposed by her jealous cousin, Queen Elizabeth I (Florence Eldredge), and sentenced to execution for treason. However, Elizabeth is willing to pardon Mary if she abdicates her throne but Mary refuses, marching to her death with her head held high.

Mary, Queen of Scots (1971)

Director: Charles Jarrot
Starring: Vanessa Redgrave, Glenda Jackson
Links: Trailer | Buy DVD ( | Watch Now on YouTube |

With 5 Academy Award nominations and starring Vanessa Redgrave, Glenda Jackson and Ian Holm, Mary Queen of Scots is undoubtedly one of the classic historical epics.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)

Director: Shekhar Kapur
Starring: Cate Blanchett, Clive Owen, Geoffrey Rush, Tom Hollander
Writers: William Nicholson, Michael Hirst
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Cate Blanchett reprises her role as the ‘Virgin Queen’ in this sequel to the Oscar-nominated ‘Elizabeth’. This time round Elizabeth has to contend with the rising power of Spain, as Philip II (Jordi Molla) readies an armada for invasion, intent on returning England to Catholic influence. While her trusty servant Sir Francis Walsingham (Geoffrey Rush) works tirelessly to protect her from numerous plots, Elizabeth discovers she has a potential weakness in her fondness for Sir Walter Raleigh (Clive Owen).

Mary, Queen of Scots (1971)

Mary, Queen of Scots (2013)Director: Thomas Imbach
Starring: Camille Rutherford, Sean Biggerstaff, Aneurin Barnard, Edward Hogg
Writers: Thomas Imbach, Andrea Staka, Eduard Habsburg
Links: Official Website | Trailer
Mary Queen of Scots spends her childhood in France and is meant to become also Queen of France. However, her ailing husband dies and the young widow returns alone to Scotland, a country devastated by war. Elizabeth has just become Queen of England, for Mary she is like a twin sister to whom she can open her heart. Mary weds again and gives birth to an heir to the thrown. Her second husband, Lord Darnley, proves to be a weakling. When Mary finds the love of her life, the Earl of Bothwell, she has Darnley murdered and marries Bothwell. Horrified by this deed and the blind passion that motivated it, both the nobles and the people of Scotland spurn her.

TV Series

Elizabeth R (1971 BBC Miniseries)

Presenter: Simon Schama
Links: Watch Now on Youtube | Buy Series (

In Episode 7 of his landmark series, Schama tells the story of two queens – Elizabeth I, the consummate politician and Mary Queen of Scots, the Catholic mother. It is also the story of the birth of a nation.

Simon Schama’s A History of Britain – Ep. 7 The Body of the Queen (2000 BBC Documentary Series)

Starring: Glenda Jackson, Ronald Hines Stephen Murray
Links: Wikipedia | Buy DVD ( | Watch Now on YouTube (Part 1, 2, 3, 4,  5, 6,)

Emmy-winning BBC dramatisation of the 45-year reign of Elizabeth I chronicling the British monarch’s affairs of state and affairs of the heart. From her precarious early days on the throne of England, where Elizabeth has to negotiate a dangerous political climate, to her later relationship with the Earl of Essex (Robin Ellis) and her dealings with Mary Queen of Scots (Vivian Pickles) and the Spanish Armada, the series covers the long and tumultuous period of Elizabethan rule.

Gunpowder, Treason & Plot (2004 BBC Miniseries)

Starring: Robert Carlyle, Clémence Poésy
Writer: Jimmy McGovern
Links: Buy DVD ( | Watch Now on YouTube (Part 1 Part 2)

BAFTA award-winning writer Jimmy McGovern portrays the lives of Mary Queen of Scots and her son, James I in this lavish BBC historical drama directed by Gillies MacKinnon (Hideous Kinky, Regeneration). Robert Carlyle stars as James I, who battles with the Catholic conspiracy against him and eventually foils a plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament. The Gunpowder Plot was masterminded by the influential Catholic Robert Catesby (Richard Coyle) and planned by Guy Fawkes (Michael Fassbender), who wanted to rid the nation of an oppressive Protestant monarch. Clémence Poésy plays James I’s mother, Mary Queen of Scots, who spends most of her short reign locked in a battle with both her Protestant subjects and the English Queen, Elizabeth I (Catherine McCormack), before conspiring with the Earl of Bothwell (Kevin McKidd) to assassinate her miscreant husband Lord Darnley (Paul Nicholls).

Elizabeth I (2005 C4 Miniseries)

Directors: Tom Hooper
Actors: Helen Mirren, Jeremy Irons, Patrick Malahide, Toby Jones, Hugh Dancy
Links: Wikipedia | Trailer | Buy DVD (

Helen Mirren plays the lead role of Queen Elizabeth I in Elizabeth I–a two-part Channel 4 drama written by award-winning screenwriter and acclaimed novelist Nigel Williams (“The Wimbledon Poisoner”, “Bertie and Elizabeth” and “Uncle Adolf”). The drama begins in 1579 and portrays Elizabeth–daughter of Henry VIII–during her later years. It exposes the conflict between her sense of duty and the instincts of her heart, her doomed affair with the Earl of Essex, and the struggles of a powerful and independent woman battling to survive in a male-dominated world. During her reign, Elizabeth became one of England’s most admired monarchs, having resisted the Spanish Armada and having reunified the nation after it was divided by religious factionalism. Her successes and popularity led to the creation of the ‘Virgin Queen’ legend, but this drama, for the first time, delves beyond this myth and attempts to uncover the real woman behind the crown.

Reign (2013 CW TV Series)

Starring: Adelaide Kane, Megan Follows, Torrance Coombs, Toby Regbo
Links: Official Website | TraileriTunes |Watch on Hulu (US Only)

Set in 1557 France, this highly fictionalized teen-drama series follows the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, at French court while she awaits her marriage to the future Francis II of France, whom she has been engaged to since they were six.