Mary Queen of Scots’ Downfall
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‘An exceptionally well-researched historical whodunit.’
‘Beautifully written, with a copious bibliography of historical sources and arguments by modern historians.’

– David Ross, The Heritage Traveller

Mary Queen of Scots Downfall

The Life and Murder of Henry, Lord Darnley

In the early hours of 10 February 1567, a large explosion ripped through the Old Provost’s lodging at Kirk o’ Field, Edinburgh, where Mary Queen of Scot’s consort, Henry Lord Darnley, was staying. Darnley’s body was found with that of his valet in a neighbouring garden the next morning. The Queen’s husband had been suffocated and the ramifications for Mary and Scottish history would be far-reaching.

Lord Darnley cuts an infamous figure in Scottish and Tudor history. In life he proved a controversial character, and his murder at Kirk o’ Field in 1567 remains one of British history’s great unsolved mysteries – establishing whether Mary was implicated has taxed historians ever since.

In this engaging and well-researched biography, Robert Stedall re-examines Darnley’s life and his murder. It is not to be missed; his investigation brings new light and compelling conclusions to a story surrounded by political betrayal, murder, falsified evidence and conspiracy.

Hardcover: 330 pages
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books
Publish Date: 21 November 2017
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1473893313
ISBN-13: 978-1473893313

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What people are saying

“An exceptionally well-researched historical whodunit.”

– David Ross, The Heritage Traveller

'Utterly enthralling and riveting. It reads like a pacey thriller and is hugely absorbing... Thoroughly researched, beautifully written and a real find.'

Keen Reader (Top 100 Amazon Reviewer)

'….totally engaging … If I did not know that it was true, I'd think it was a brilliant work of fiction.'

Lil’s Vintage World, Youtube Review

'At times it almost felt as if I were witnessing the events... an absolute must for anybody interested in British history... Pure pleasure. '

Bettina Pecha, Review

''Lots of details, like maps, drawings, genealogical tables and pictures. … A very informative read.'

The New Royalty World

' exhaustively researched account that is bound to become a classic.'

Ripperologist Magazine

'This book will be an added delight upon your bookshelf. A remarkable read.'

'This is a brilliant book. I knew the story of Mary Queen of Scots; I knew the story of Darnley; of the succession struggles in both Scotland and England; yet I found this book utterly enthralling, and riveting. It reads like a pacey thriller, and is hugely absorbing in interest. Thoroughly researched, beautifully written, and a real find; this book is definitely recommended.'

Amazon, Keen Reader

'For anyone even slightly interested in Royal history and all its celebrations and cover-ups, this book will be an added delight upon your bookshelf. A remarkable read.'

SJ Banham,

'I have read a lot about Mary, Queen of Scots, but I did not know much about her second husband, Henry Stewart. This book gave me more details about Henry Stewart and his personality. He was a very arrogant individual. While he was not likeable, he still made an important impact on Mary, Queen of Scots life. The book is very well written, engaging, and comprehensible to the reader. I recommend this biography.'

Lauralee, Amazon