Scottish Family Trees

Explore the Family Trees of the Scottish Nobility in the 16th Century

2. The Royal Stewart/Stuart Succession (Scottish Succession)

NameTitle or Spouse, AncestryDatesFam. Sch(s)
Bethune, Elizabeth p. of James V, d. of Sir David Bethune of CreichAbt1518-2,32
Bethune, Janetw. of Sir Thomas or Robert Livingston of Easter Wemyss, of James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Arran, and d. of Sir David Bethune of CreichAbt1485-Abt15222, 3, 32
Campbell, Archibald5th Earl of Argyll1530-15732, 8, 14
Denmark, Margaret ofw. of James III, King of Scotland, d. of Christian I, King of Denmark1456-14862
Douglas, JamesCr. Earl of Morton, 1458 Abt1426-14922, 7
Douglas, Margaretw. of Matthew Stuart, , 4th Earl of Lennox, d. of Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus and Margaret Tudor1515-15781, 2, 4, 6
Drummond, John (Sir)of Innerpeffray, s. of Sir John Drummond of Innerpeffray2, 17
Drummond, Margaretp. of James IV, d. of John, 1st Lord Drummond-15022, 17
Egmond, Maryw. of James II, d. of Arnold, Duke of GueldresAbt1432-14632
Elphinstone, Euphemiap. of James V, d. of Alexander, 1st Lord Elphinstone2
Erskine, Margaretw. of Sir Robert Douglas of Lochleven, p.of James V, d. of James, 5th Lord Erskine -15722, 5, 13
Gordon, George2nd Earl of HuntlyAbt1430-15022, 7
Gordon, JohnLord Gordon, s. of Alexander, 3rd Earl of Huntly-15172, 7
Guise, Mary ofw. of James V, d. of Duke of Lorraine-15601, 2
Hamilton, Elizabethw. of Matthew Stewart, 2nd Earl of Lennox, d. of James, 1st Lord HamiltonAbt1473-Aft15312, 4
Hamilton, JamesCr. Lord Hamilton 1445-14792
Hamilton, James2nd Lord Hamilton, Cr. Earl of Arran 1503Abt1475-15292, 3, 5, 17, 26, 27, 32
Henry IIKing of France1519-15592
Hepburn, Francis Stewart5th Earl of Bothwell, s. of John Stewart, Lord Darnley1563-16242, 6, 12
Hepburn, Jeanw. of John Stewart, Lord Darnley, of John Sinclair, Master of Caithness (s. of George Sinclair, 4th Earl of Caithness), and d. of Patrick, 3rd Earl of Bothwell1540-Bef15992, 12, 20
James IKing of Scotland 1406 - 14371394-14372
James IIKing of Scotland 1437 - 14601430-14602
James IIIKing of Scotland 1460 - 14881451-14881, 2
James IVKing of Scotland 1488 - 15131473-15131, 2, 5, 17, 26
James VKing of Scotland 1513 - 15421512-15421, 2, 13, 32
James VIKing of Scotland 1567 Ð 1625, King of England 1603 - 16251566-16251, 2, 4
Keith, Agnesw. of James Stewart, Cr. Earl of Moray 1562, and of Colin Campbell, 6th Earl of Argyll, d. of William, 4th Earl Marischal-15882, 8, 13, 16
Kennedy, Janetp. of James IV, d. of John, 2nd Lord Kennedy2
Kennedy, Janetw. of Robert Stewart, Cr, Earl of Orkney 1581, d. of Gilbert Kennedy, 3rd Earl of Cassillis2, 8
MaryQueen of Scots 1542 - 15671542-15871, 2, 4, 12
Sinclair, Katherinew. of Alexander Stewart, 1st Earl of Albany, d. of William, 1st Earl of Caithness2, 20
Stewart, Agnesp. of James IV, w. of Adam Hepburn, 2nd Earl of Bothwell, of Alexander, 3rd Lord Home, and of Robert 5th Lord Maxwell, d. of James Stewart, 1st Earl of Buchan1480-15572, 12, 26
Stewart, Alexander1st Duke of Albany-14852, 20
Stewart, Annew. of John Stewart, 3rd Earl of Lennox, d. of Sir John Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl2, 4, 9
Stewart, Annabellaw. of George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly, d. of James IAbt1432-15092, 7
Stewart, JamesCr. Earl of Moray 1501, illeg. s. of James IV1500-15442
Stewart, JamesCr. Earl of Moray 1562, illeg. s. of James VAbt1531-15702, 13, 16
Stewart, Janetw. of Malcolm, 3rd Lord Fleming, p. of Henri II of France, illeg. d. of James IVAbt1511-15602, 25
Stewart, Jeanw. of Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll, illeg. d. of James V Abt1538- 15882,8
Stewart, Joannaw. of James Douglas, 1st Earl of Morton, d. of James I1431-Aft. 14932
Stewart, John3rd Earl of Lennox-15262, 4, 9
Stewart, JohnRegent, 2nd Duke of Albany-15362
Stewart, JohnCr. Lord Darnley 1563, illeg. s. of James V1531-15632, 12
Stewart, Margaretw. of John, Lord Gordon (s. of Alexander, 3rd Earl of Huntly), of Sir John Drummond of Innerpeffray, and illeg. d. of James IV1497-2, 7, 17 (x2)
Stewart, Maryw. of Thomas Boyd, Cr. Earl of Arran but attainted, and James Hamilton, Cr. Earl of Arran 1445, d. of James II-14882, 27
Stewart, Matthew2nd Earl of Lennox-15132, 4
Stewart, RobertCr. Earl of Orkney 1581, illeg. s. of James V1533-15932, 8
Stuart, HenryLord Darnley, King Consort, m. Mary Queen of Scots, s. of Matthew Stuart, 4th Earl of Lennox1545-15671, 2 (x2), 4, 5
Tour, Anne de law. of Alexander Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany, d. of Bertrand, Comte dÕAuvergne2
Tour, Anne de law. of John, 2nd Duke of Albany, d. of John, Compte dÕAuvergne2
Tudor, Margaretw. of James IV, of Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus, and of Henry Stewart, 1st Lord Methven; d. of Henry VII of England1489-15411, 2, 6, 23
Valois, Madeleine dew. of James V,d. of Francis I, King of France1520-15372